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Insane student package offering: Every Monday and Tuesday you will be able to schedule a "get ish done" google hangout session with me. We will chat for 30 minutes at the beginning of each week to answer any questions that you have about the course you're enrolled in and to set goals! Accountability and collaboration are extremely important for your online business success. I couldn't have done it alone without my mentors talking me through every step of the way so I want to offer my students an affordable option as well. 

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It's $250 per month (yea, you read that right ;) Click HERE to enroll in weekly 1:1 coaching calls!

During our time together you're going to experience major changes. You're going to learn exactly how to create your own time and financial freedom and you'll experience the freedom of doing something daily that you LOVE to do - not something that you HAVE to do. Your work will no longer feel like work and you will have more time to spend with the people you love and more time to spend on YOURSELF. Oh, and this will be one of the most rewarding forms of "work" you will ever do. Get ready to use your experiences and skills to make your customers' and clients' lives easier.

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